The Pan-American Highway

Driving Day 44: Pasto to Ibarra

RGE was sad. Today marked not only the fact that we had now spent one month in Colombia, but it was also the day in which we were scheduled to leave. We are always keen to push onwards to our final destination at the bottom of the world, but we had really come to love [...]

Driving Day 43: Cali to Pasto

Waking up today was particularly difficult after the huge amount of sushi we had each ingested the night before, and when it came to breakfast the most we could muster was a few cups of delicious Colombian coffee! Anyway, soon after breakfast we had the van packed and we were ready to head off back [...]

Driving Day 42: Armenia to Cali

Today was another early start, but for an entirely different reason than normal for we didn’t have a long distance to cover, but we did have a rather unusual event to get to. So after a delicious breakfast, we were back on the road and heading for Cali, Colombia’s 3rd largest city after Bogota and [...]

Driving Day 41: Bogota to Armenia

Well, it was that time of the trip again when we had to pack up our bags and move on to somewhere else. The road beckoned, and despite that fact that we all wanted to spend more time in this amazing city, we definitely needed to push on. We needed an early start as well [...]

Day 4 of Our Stay in Bogota

Today was scheduled to be our last day in Bogota, and we were keen to save it for some sightseeing, namely the gold museum which is fantastic apparently. However, with so much work still to do, both from and administration side such as logistics and website management, and the work still needed to uncover the [...]

Day 3 of Our Stay in Bogota

Today was a rather slow day, and was predominantly focussed around the discussion of whether or not it would be worthwhile staying in Colombia given the volatile situation in Ecuador. However, good news was filtering through and it seemed that the government was back in control, with the borders and airports being reopened. Indeed, contact [...]

Day 2 of Our Stay in Bogota

The previous blog ended with us going out into the city to explore some nightlife, and we were all pleasantly surprised by how fun a Wednesday night could be! Sebastian, a race car driver here in Colombia who is helping us out with a lot of things here, took us to a place called Quiebra [...]

Day 1 of Our Stay in Bogota

Wow, wow, WOW! What a city this place is! From the moment we woke up and saw the city during daylight from our high hillside vantage place, our preconceived ideas of this city were instantly vanquished. A modern, prosperous city spread out beneath us, and we were looking forward to checking it out in more [...]

Driving Day 40: Medellin to Bogota

Today was expected to be a really tough driving day as we made our way between Colombia’s 2 largest cities. The reason for this was not so much the distance, although at 275 miles it certainly wasn’t a short leg, but more of the problem was the extreme terrain. As you may recall from the [...]

Our Stay in Medellin

Today we spent a day in the city of Medellin, 1,500m above sea level and nestled in a sub-tropical valley. In fact, due to its elevation, Medellin is known as the “City of Eternal Spring” as it’s always warm but never too hot, hence the sub-tropical nature of the vegetation. Upon waking up and looking [...]

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