The Pan-American Highway

Driving Day 48: Piura to Chiclayo

Today was a day which we were all looking forward to considerably. We had something on the agenda which was completely different to what we had done at any point on the trip so far, so we woke up in Troy’s apartment looking forward to the day’s events. Firstly though we had to eat, so [...]

Driving Day 47: Machala to Piura

Finally, and I mean this in the best possible way, today was the day we were able to drive into our 12th country; Peru. We had fantastic experiences in Ecuador with the most astounding generosity displayed towards the team, but between the shipping, fire and crash we had been delayed enough and we really wanted [...]

Driving Day 46: Quito to Machala

The time had finally come to leave Quito, our unintended home for the last 7 nights. After the unfortunate crashing incident, everyone had pulled together, including people we had never even met before, to get us to this morning where at 6.30am we were standing outside Fernando’s Pro-mecanika shop ready with the SRZero to carry [...]

Car Fixed!

If we were to hit our deadline of leaving Quito on Thursday, we had an awful lot of work to do today! So, as usual, we found ourselves at Pro-mecanika at 8.30am. The list of work for today was extensive, but we were really determined to move on to our next destination, so we hit [...]

Continued Work

Today was another early start for the team so as to give us the most amount of time to fix the car. We thought that with a bit of luck we should be able to finish the repair jobs today, so at 8.30 we were already at Pro-mecanika rearing to go. There were bits and [...]

More Fixing!

Bolstered by yesterday’s fixing success, we were up at 7.30am to continue the work needed to restore the SRZero. So, after a quick breakfast of cold pizza left over from the night before, we left the hotel and headed for the garage. Toby and Nik immediately got down to work on reinstalling the anti-roll bar, [...]

Suspension Fixed!

Today was a Sunday, and unfortunately, in Ecuador this means that not many people are working. However, we had paid Victor the fibreglasser to work all hours to fix the front bodywork and splitter, and we were due to meet him today to see how he had managed over the last 24 hours. So, after [...]

Getting Fixing

Perhaps surprisingly, we all slept very well last night, and when it came to getting up we all sprung out of bed in seconds. Sebastian had contacted the owner of the Radical car here in Quito, and he was going to be at the hotel in half an hour to come and see the SRZero [...]

Day of Disaster

Today we were due to spend the day in Quito starting off at the polytechnic university (UPS) where we would meet the press and a large group of students, followed by a display of the car in the local (and very smart) shopping mall with KPMG. The day was planned to finish at 6 after [...]

Driving Day 45: Ibarra to Quito

Today started more relaxed than most as we only had a short distance, around 80 miles, to cover before arriving in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. Upon walking out of our rooms, we knew it would be a good day; the weather was incredible with a cloudless blue sky, and the enchanting mountainous terrain stretched out [...]

26,500 km done!
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