The Pan-American Highway

SRZero partners with Drayson Racing

Drayson Racing and Vantage Power team up to tackle the RAC Future Car Challenge and develop ultra high performance electric cars Form Technical Partnership to develop electric drivetrains with high performance and endurance 4 November 2011; London, UK: Drayson Racing Technologies LLP, the leading green racing R&D business, has teamed up with Vantage Power Ltd, [...]

Recent Update and Events

It has now been six months since we picked the SRZero up from Heathrow after she had made the long journey back from Argentina. Six months where the team have been focusing on getting back into the routine of everyday life in London. Some members are back in their old jobs, some have continued on [...]

Finishing in Ushuaia!!

Finally I have a few moments to write the blog I have most been looking forward to write! 2 years of really hard work, 140 days of travelling and 70 days of driving have brought us to this moment, and I hope I can communicate to you just how incredible a feeling it is to [...]

Driving Day 70: Rio Grande to Ushuaia!!!

Dear all, I have a big announcement to make; WE’VE MADE IT TO USHUAIA! We were received in an absolutely fantastic style as we arrived into the world’s southernmost city, and the whole day from start to finish has been spectacular! As we are now going out to celebrate, I don’t have the time to [...]

Driving Day 69: Rio Gallegos to Rio Grande

I don’t think any day on the trip so far had been so hyped up as today had been. The distance we had to cover was only 380km, but the route was an entirely separate matter. From Rio Gallegos we had to drive 60km south to the Argentina/Chile border whereby we had to reenter Chile [...]

Our Visit to Chali-Aike

As you know from the previous blog post, due to the problems with Chris’s bike we were forced to stay an extra day in Rio Gallegos. Well, this is not entirely true because instead of staying here in what is not the most attractive of cities, we were invited to visit Gonzalo’s family farm deep [...]

Driving Day 68: Puerto San Julian to Rio Gallegos

N.B. Sorry for the delay in blog updates; Internet accessibility has been non-existent. You’ll see why in the next blog post! Today, in contrast to pretty much every other recent driving day, was blissfully relaxed. We only had a 220 mile drive into Rio Gallegos, Argentina’s largest southern city, so we could afford to catch [...]

Driving Day 67: Sarmiento to Puerto San Julian via Comodoro

As we had not made our big distance yesterday, we wanted to drive a long leg today which was not only required by our schedule, but also by the fact that there are so few towns in this part of the world; we have to do massive cross-country hops to get down to the bottom [...]

Driving Day 66: Esquel to Sarmiento

As we had not driven yesterday, we were keen to get up early and do a massive leg in order to maintain a good contingency buffer so that we would not be at risk of missing the 15th November target date in Ushuaia. Our goal was Comodoro, 600km to the south east, located on Argentina’s [...]

Our Stay in Esquel

We had discovered late the night before that the circuit breakers where we were charging were not able to withstand the current they were rated to, and as such kept on tripping after a few hours. This means that we had to turn down the current we were drawing, and this meant that we were [...]

26,500 km done!
November 03, 2011
Rio Grande
November 03, 2011
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