Driving Day 70: Rio Grande to Ushuaia!!!

Dear all, I have a big announcement to make; WE’VE MADE IT TO USHUAIA!

We were received in an absolutely fantastic style as we arrived into the world’s southernmost city, and the whole day from start to finish has been spectacular!

As we are now going out to celebrate, I don’t have the time to give a full account now, but rest assured that by the end of tomorrow, you’ll have all the information of today’s action at your fingertips!

Until then, goodnight, sleep well, and thank for you all for your support over the last 2 years!

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  • Jo says:

    Dear Nick, dear Alex, Andy, Clemens and Toby,
    this is the best ever moment to send our sincere compliments to all of you for your absolutely outstanding common achievement.
    Today you accomplished a fantastic project, which will always have its place in the books of technical history as a remarkable sample how to create technical future.
    Each and every day it was a pleasure to follow your course through unknown terrains, perfectly navigated by you as strong, creative and captivating team – technically, geographically, organizationally and last but not least emotionally.
    I must confess that before you started I was telling Nick, that you will not even reach the United States with the 8 cm of ground clearance of your supercar.
    How glad am I now that you proved that I was wrong.
    We believe and hope that today is not only the glorious end of your adventurous journey but also the starting point into a promising future enriched with baskets of experience which many people cannot collect during their lifetime.
    For your ways into this future – which is as unknown and uncertain as your electric journey – we whole-heartedly wish you all the power, endurance, creativity, team spirit and sense of humor you have shown up to now.
    Warmest regards to all of you
    Birgit and Joachim Sauer

  • Ian says:

    Wonderful news! I am so pleased for you all. Full marks to all the support people too – those who are with you now, those who have been with you, those who gave you assistance at various stages of the journey and those in London. It’s a terrific achievement. Well done!

  • Greg says:

    It’s just pure awesomeness!

  • Alan Mattock says:

    As an I.C. man 1947-49 & 1952-57 I have been so proud to read of your adventures as you drove SR0 from the Arctic Circle to the Southernmost tip of South America. My heartiest congratulations on a terrific achievement and the Best of Luck in the future to all members of the team.
    Alan Mattock

  • Nick F says:

    Excellent. Well done guys. It’s a great achievement, and especially since you did it on a shoe string budget. I hope the BBC documentary is a success for you and it gets a lot of attention. It should do. Your engaging guys and you did have to go through some adversity to get the thing done. I’m looking forward to watching it when it comes out.

  • Franco says:

    ¡Impresionante! Sinceramente nunca pensé que un coche eléctrico pudiera recorrer tanta cantidad de kilómetros con diferentes cambios climáticos. Mis felicitaciones, este proyecto seguramente atraerá la atención de muchos jóvenes interesados en el tema.

    Saludos desde Argentina.

  • Charles H Schulmann says:

    Dear RGET ,
    the glory and accolades belong to you – WELL DONE !
    However viewed from our corner we would like to congratulate as well
    the following people and their relevant institutions ; the support
    teams , the sponsors , the police escorts , the embassies , the hoteliers ,
    the universities , relevant students and lecturers , border officials ,
    traffic inspectorate , workshops and garages , the officials who allowed
    the use of unorthodox charging points , commentators and the peanut gallery without forgetting the families of RGET and their support team , who
    collectively played a role to deliver this successful Electric Expedition
    to the beginning of a new technical frontier , temporary at the end of the
    world .
    This success is borne out of people buying into a common vision and
    gives hope that the world can be a better place for all .

    Our indisputable compliments to you all from Ladysmith – South Africa –
    it was pure five star magic for us *****

  • Well done guys. I’ve been following the trip from the start, and its to your credit that you and the team have made it against all the odds.

    Looking forward to the DVD and the TV documentary next door.

    Its just a shame that the news today is dominated by a certain couple getting engaged. X-)


  • Job done. An incredible adventure. A ton of lifetime memories added along the way. Thanks for sharing an awesome experience with us. Sure you will miss the troubles of the road now!

  • Ian Michie says:

    Hi Guys. Truly a fantastic achievement.

    You deserve every accolade that comes your way. Many, many things can be said but your dogged determination to succeed showed through so may times.

    I’m also sure you can all write a book on how to deal with “Border Crossings” as the hours ticked passed with no real progress.

    Really good news for electric vehicles and a tribute to you all – as well as Radical who sponsored you with the car chassis.

    Hope to see your exploits on TV in the new year.


  • Elisabeth says:

    Congratulations to all of you!!! I’m so happy your dreams came true :-) And special thanks to Claudio and his team for documenting the whole journey!
    I’m going to miss checking your webpage every day…
    Looking forward to seeing you back aswell though ;-)

  • willy says:

    I love it…. great job… congratulation for u guys…

  • Alison says:

    Congratulations to you all, especially Toby, Nick, Alex, Clemens and Andy for seeing the trip through to the end, with considerable difficulties in the middle to overcome, but not forgetting all the others on the RGE team who helped build the car, but for whatever reasons were not able to come along.
    Thanks also to all the sponsors, without whom the whole thing would not have been possible, and to Claudio for providing us with an exciting visual record of the trip.
    We take our hats off to you for having the vision to start such a thing and then the determination and persistence to see it through over such a long period. You have certainly set a record which we hope will inspire others.
    We have been highly entertained over the summer watching you progress, a process which not long ago would not have been possible; the world is certainly changing very fast; nevertheless, people still need to engage hands on with other people and this you have done with each other and with the contacts you have established during your journey.
    For each and every one of you we wish all the very best for your respective futures!
    Very well done!
    Alison and Thomas

  • Mónica says:

    I get into your web site today and found out that you already finish your trip, so I send you a big congralutation´s hug!. It was great to know you and to see how good team you all are.
    Here, at the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana in Quito, Ecuador, wich I believe you never forget, it was a great time for us and for our students who see how to make real great ideas, so thak you for that! Despite all the great memories and amazing landscapes you sure have seen, you get a very important thing, you have to chance to know the heart of our people.
    So, have a nice back home and hope to see you some time in the future, who knows.
    Send you another hug and the best of luck!

  • Cesar says:

    Felicitaciones, deberían ir también a Brasil (Sao Paulo) ya que son lideres en energías limpias, como propulsión de coches con alcohol

  • Ushuaia-Info says:

    Welcome to Ushuaia !

  • Metin Ali says:

    Congrats to you all!!!

    What an achievement never doubted the success for a moment.

    Well done Andy we are all so proud of you at EEX cant wait to hear the stories.

    Save journey back to you all and party like your at the End of the World!!!


  • Alan Barrett says:

    Congratulations and well done to all of you
    Have enjoyed your experiences through the great travel log
    You should be very proud of yourselves overcoming all challenges and problems
    Hope rest of trip goes as well!
    Andy hurry up and get back GMS starting!!!
    Alan Barrett

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