The Pan-American Highway

Driving Day 65: San Carlos de Bariloche to Esquel

We woke up today in a different world to where we fell asleep, with the rain replaced by a sunny day. From our window we could see a huge lake comprised of the most incredible colours, and snowcapped mountains fringing the shore and depositing meltwater into the lake via a large number of rivers and [...]

Driving Day 64: Osorno to San Carlos de Bariloche

I remember in yesterday’s blog that I predicted that today would be a slightly more interesting drive than the last, and I think that in retrospect, this has definitely been the case! The day didn’t start out particularly well as we found out that our camera had been robbed from our hotel room, most likely [...]

Driving Day 63: Los Angeles to Osorno

Today marked our final complete leg in Chile with a 410km drive to Osorno, and we started out the drive at 9am amid bright sunlight and blue skies. But after about 150km, the weather had completely changed; it was cold, overcast, grey and raining; it felt like England! Even the lush green vegetation was reminiscent [...]

Driving Day 62: Talca to Los Angeles

Today we had another short leg of around 250km from Talca to Los Angeles, and whereas we would normally leave early, at 12pm we were still at the hotel. The reason for this is that Claudio and Chris were still back in Santiago, and we were waiting for them to catch us up before leaving [...]

Driving Day 61: Santiago to Talca

Today we were scheduled to leave Santiago, but before we did, we had an event at the residence of the British Ambassador. He had kindly invited the team, several high profile members of the government and representatives from KPMG to a very smart breakfast in his palatial abode. After arriving and being introduced to the [...]

Our Stay in Santiago

Our first morning in Santiago was a bank holiday Monday, and even though the weather was absolutely splendid, the streets and the many green areas of the city were deserted. Clearly a lot of people had left the city for the holiday, and as we made our way around the local area to find a [...]

Driving Day 60: Tongoy to Santiago

One thing the team finds very difficult is driving a car which looks like a race car, handles like a race car, and is effectively a race car, on the road at normal speeds. It gives one a serious need for some faster driving! And, seeing as we had 2 days free in Santiago before [...]

Our Stay in Tongoy

As you know from the previous blog post, we now had an unplanned day off from driving due to the car charging off a lower power. Despite us all having vast quantities of work to catch up on, the day can only be summarised as pure bliss! To set the scene, I better describe the [...]

Driving Day 59: Copiapó to Tongoy

Waking up in our dingy hotel was not the most enlightening of experiences, however fortunately we had the open road ahead and we were all keen to move on in our penultimate day before reaching Santiago! So, by 8.30am, we were eagerly packing the van and preparing to leave. Unfortunately though, there were other forces [...]

Driving Day 58: Paranal to Copiapó

Waking up today was very different to anywhere else I had ever awoken. For a start, my mouth, nose and skin were completely dry due to the altitude, and I could barely talk until I took some water! But the main difference was waking up during the night in complete darkness. Due to the observatory’s [...]

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