Driving Day 63: Los Angeles to Osorno

Today marked our final complete leg in Chile with a 410km drive to Osorno, and we started out the drive at 9am amid bright sunlight and blue skies. But after about 150km, the weather had completely changed; it was cold, overcast, grey and raining; it felt like England! Even the lush green vegetation was reminiscent of northern Europe, and several parts of the drive could very well have been in the English countryside.

Anyway, despite the rain and cold, we powered on. We are so focussed on reaching Ushuaia now that it would have to take some pretty extreme weather to stop us from driving! Nonetheless, our aim is to stay safe and to get to each day’s destination as quickly as possible. And, due to the good quality of Chilean roads, we were able to arrive in Osorno after just 6 and a half hours, including a lunch break! This leg had perhaps the highest average speed since leaving the US, and we arrived at the hotel well before 5pm.

Aside from the rain, which is the first we have had since Pasto in Colombia, there was literally nothing to report for the entire drive. It was one of those days which was completed quickly and efficiently with the minimum of hassle, and this is what we need on the home straight! So, apologies for not being able to thrill with more drama, but I have a suspicion that our crossing into Argentina tomorrow may bring about a bit more of a story to tell…watch this space!

7 driving days left until Ushuaia!

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  • Charles H Schulmann says:

    Dear RGET ,
    you remind us of some the great historical battles where the warriors
    had been weather and battle hardened , that new campaigns were despatched efficiently and promptly .
    However , as you have instructed us to watch the written space , we
    assume that your recognisance of the terrain you are entering has been
    comprehensive and the appropriate preparation has been conducted .
    So certainly we are exceptionally excited as you enter the so called
    home run and while some of the extraordinary incidents were filled with
    suspense and entertainment , we were just as glad when you enjoyed routine
    drives because it brought you closer to your goals and gave you a chance to
    reflect and regroup .
    Without a doubt the SRzero and the team which also includes the Photographic
    Crew who for all intensive purpose were considered an integrated active
    element of RGET , obviously dealing mostly with the documentary part of
    the campaign – nevertheless very important , without forgetting the other
    role players for example ; Embassies , Border Officials , Police Escorts ,
    Hotel personnel which leads to a very important aspect of the hospitality industry – cooks , chefs and waiters who made sure that you were well fed ,
    oops …. nearly forgot the unsung heroes namely , your sponsors who were
    often there at your beck and call whenever there was a problem and who did
    not loose faith in you .
    We salute you with our best wishes from Ladysmith ( Kwazulu Natal ) South Africa , Charles and friends .

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