The Pan-American Highway

Driving Day 57: Mejillones to Paranal

Today brought a long wait to an end because this was the day that we were due to visit Paranal. I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it, for all it is is a mountain in the Atacama Desert here in Chile, which in itself is hardly exciting. However it’s what’s atop this [...]

Driving Day 56: Iquique to Mejillones

Today, for the first time since Mexico, we had the choice between 2 roads going south. So, over breakfast, we discussed which route to take; one was Route 5 which went down the centre of the country on Chile’s high central plateaux, and the other was Route 1 that went parallel but along the coast. [...]

Driving Day 55: Tacna to Iquique

Today brought us to our final few kilometres in Peru as the border to Chile, our penultimate country, earnestly beckoned! The day was made more exciting by the return of Sebastian Moreno; our friend who had joined us between Pasto and Quito, and who had now got himself sponsorship to join the team all the [...]

Driving Day 54: Camana to Tacna

Another 7am start beckoned before a cloudless drive across the desert. We all met up to pack the van at the aforementioned time, and after following up with a quick breakfast and essential cup of coffee, the convoy left the hotel and rejoined the Pan-American Highway mere metres from the hotel’s entrance. Today was set [...]

Driving Day 53: Nasca to Camana

An exciting coastal drive of 240 miles awaited us today, and after the later than usual start, we were packed, breakfasted, and back on the road by 9.45am. Unlike many of the other small towns we have stayed in on our journey through Peru, this was actually a place you wouldn’t mind spending a few [...]

Driving Day 52: Ica to Nasca

Over the last few months on this trip, we have woken up in a lot of different places, from a car park in Seattle to a power station in Honduras! Today represented an entirely novel location; an oasis! We couldn’t see it the night before as we arrived when it was dark, but waking up [...]

Driving Day 51: Lima to Ica

Lima to Ica Despite the relatively short drive we had planned today, only around 300km, we had a lot to fit in what with a visit to the University of Lima and a trip to Salvador and Fernando’s race track. So, after our alarms ringing at the hideous time of 6.30am, we arrived at the [...]

Our Stay in Lima

As we had arrived in Lima a day earlier than expected, we had one day free before the press event on Wednesday which therefore allowed us a slightly more relaxed Tuesday than normal! However, there are always things which need to be done and so we did not attempt to have a sleep in or [...]

Driving Day 50: Chimbote to Lima

Today we had the ambitious plan of leaving the hotel (which as you may recall was not actually a hotel!) at 8am, giving a presentation at the university at 8.30am, and leaving bang on 9 o’clock. Normally everything takes so much longer than expected as there are 9 people to be in the right place [...]

Driving Day 49: Chiclayo to Chimbote

A long stretch of around 230 miles awaited us today as the drive to Chimbote, Peru’s centre of the seafood industry, beckoned. By 8.30am we were back at the university to pick up the now fully charged SRZero and to mix with a large crowd of people that had come to see the car off. [...]

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