The Pan-American Highway

Driving Day 39: Monteria to Medellin

As you may remember from yesterday’s blog, it had taken us over 10 hours to complete a measly 160 miles due to the appalling condition of the roads; hardly much to shout about! As such, we were worried about taking significantly longer than this on the 250 mile drive to Medellin. To try and ensure [...]

Driving Day 38: Cartagena to Monteria

Truth be told, much as we love Cartagena and all the amazing people that have helped us out there, we were really happy and excited to get back on the road. Add to the emotional mix a slight tinge of nerves as we were putting the car to it’s first real driving test for 3 [...]

The Car is Fixed!

Very proudly, I am now able to say that the team has persevered through really difficult conditions and has been able to successfully repair the car! It shows that even when there are immense and seemingly insurmountable challenges, with some real grit and determination, pretty much anything can be achieved. Corny though this sounds,this is [...]

Major Frustration

This is not going to be a long blog post, primarily because the day ended with a similar result to the day before, but with far more confusion! We managed to get everything operational, but unless we imposed a very odd set of instructions to the car’s components, not everything would work simultaneously. For example, [...]

RGE on Tenterhooks!

Today started like many preceding it; an early start at the garage in order to return the car to working order. We worked diligently all day without very much to report. The fire damage has now been completely fixed, and some improvements to the bodywork have been made as well. The really interesting stuff started [...]

Continued Work

Today was one of those satisfying days where a solid amount of progress was done, without any one aspect particularly standing out. The car is slowly but meticulously being repaired, and given what’s at stake, we’re loathe to rush things whereby mistakes are more likely to be made. As work continued, evidence of the car’s [...]

A Work in Progress

With yesterday’s good news, we were eager to carry on working on the car in order to have it ready in time to leave Cartagena on Friday. As we have learnt time and time again on this project though, absolutely everything takes longer than expected, and yesterday was no different, so time was of the [...]

Work Starts on Repairing the Car

As we now had a place to secure the car, it was just waiting to be fixed and be back on the road! We were determined to get it repaired as soon as possible, so by 8am on Sunday morning we were up and ready to get going! Nik and Toby went for the morning [...]

Getting Ourselves Back On Track

The most important thing we needed right now was a clean, dry and secure place in which we could work on the car and get it fixed. Without this, we would simply not be able to make any progress in fixing the car’s ailments. In addition, we also needed a place for us to stay [...]

Day of Doom 2

As you may have guessed from the title, our bad luck didn’t end yesterday; we had a very solid dose of it today (Friday 17th) as well! For me, the day was very much a continuation of the day before as I stayed up the whole night watching the SRZero. It was pleasing to see [...]

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