RGE goes Karting!

Back at Autosport in January, 5 members of the RGE team were fortunate enough to meet Will Tew, Founder and Director of 3T Racing Ltd. He has a very cool job; basically he runs and organises the British Schools and British Universities Karting Championships (www.bskc.co.uk and www.bukc.co.uk) and he also gets to race the karts while “working”, so at least a couple of lad points to him ;-)

Anyway, he very kindly invited us to come along for a test day where we got 4 hours on a Club 100 kart alongside 20 other university teams. Now, we’re always up for a spot of karting, but none of us had ever tried Club 100 karts before and we didn’t really know what it was all about. We found out pretty quickly though…a 115cc 2-stroke single cylinder direct drive on a very light weight chassis…0-60mph in 4.5 seconds!

These machines were immensely powerful, and sent us vibrating across the track at awesome speeds! One slight twitch of the steering wheel while braking hard and that’s it, you were sent into a spin and off the course you went! Each lap went better and better for each of us, and the spinning and general swearing decreased until we were all whizzing around the track without any problems! It was an exhilarating experience, amazing fun, and truly addictive!

If any of you are wondering, Nik was the hands down winner posting the only sub-minute lap times of the team. Followed closely behind was Aran, myself, Toby and Andy. Big kudos to Andy who hadn’t ever touched a kart before, and who was less than 3 seconds off Nik’s best time.

So, if you want to get a bit of adrenaline flowing and feel the real thrill of racing, drop Will a line and he can organise you an experience you won’t forget!

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