Workshop Music

A couple of days ago, I had a rather peculiar email from a fan of the project who asked what kind of music we listen to when we’re working on the car. Well, in case there is anyone else out there that also desires to know this information, here’s the answer!

While we’re working on the car at Radical Sportscars up in Peterborough, we listened to Radio 1 as all the radios in the factory seemed permanently synched to this station 24/7. They play some great songs, but they do tend to repeat them a lot, and as such, there are a few songs which all of us have got completely stuck in our heads. If you ever see us break out into spontaneous song, there’s the reason why!

Now that we’re back in the workshop, we are radioless so we are using some stuff off our iPods. We have settled on playing mixes made by a collection of DJs called Vagrant DJs (…check them out! Their mixes vary between commercial and some more alternative music, but all of it has an awesome beat and keeps us all in great spirits as we build our supercar!

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