Day 2: Autosport


Firstly, apologies for not doing the blog yesterday, the team were all up at 5am and after a hard day selling the project we all fell asleep before we had time to tell you about it.

These two days have been far beyond what any of the team were expecting. There have been so many comments about how well packaged the powertrain looks, and there is always a look of surprise when we start reeling of the performance stats. It’s a good feeling, but the team know that there are still many long nights ahead.

There have been some great quotes in the press, for instance: “The Autosport International 2010 Show in Birmingham would have passed virtually unnoticed by the automotive world if it weren’t for the Radical SRZero electric supercar.”

While this might not be entirely true (there are a lot of spectacular cars on show) we are certainly not complaining with the coverage!

Lord Drayson came over today and he seemed to be perfectly in tune with the aims of our project. He was quick to spot the potential of the car to help attract young students into science and engineering – something that is much needed in the country.

Aside from that there were a lot of interesting discussions with potential sponsors for our trip, GPS tracking devices, helmets, race suits and other auxilliary components for the car. Check back here to see how these contacts develop over the next couple of weeks!


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    There is some solid information on this page. I like how you put things. I’ve added the feed to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will continue reading your work. I did have a loading speed problem with how quick this page loaded. Might be a problem to optimize.

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