Charging up for Autosport!

It was my first day up in the Radical factory on Friday and it is an epic place, the fastest car in the world (the actual one that broke the Nurburg Ring lap record) was only 5m away from our car! Anyway, back to our project, it’s been a hard week of work for the guys up here but now the motors, motor controllers and cooling system are all mounted on the car. Our sponsor logos have been positioned and the Sticker Man will be applying them to the SR-Zero bodywork on Monday. Then, once the battery packs and the rear diffuser have been installed, it will be all systems go for the show next week.

There is also some non-engineering preparation to be done. The team needs to have RGE polo shirts, business cards, brochures and press releases ready to hand out to anybody interested in our project. Our documentary filmmaker, Claudio, will be coming to capture the build up to Autosport on Wednesday. While he is there he will be busy preparing a short rolling video clip of the project for the TV screens behind the car.

All in all, it is a very exciting time for the project and we are all really keen to see what the public think about our idea. This is the first time they will really get to see the car and we hope they like it!

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