Flights booked! Continental Airlines, we need a favour…

As if we needed it, the team had another massive reality check as we booked out flights out to Anchorage, Alaska, and back from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Somehow, when the flights are booked, you have your e-ticket, and you know you have to be at Heathrow at 6.30am on June 28th, things become very real! On that note, if you’re an insomniac in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport at that time, come and have a coffee with us before we leave…we’d love to see you!

And now, we need a favour. Continental Airlines, we have booked all our flights with you and have spent a lot of money doing so. Given the really long journey ahead of us (driving down the Pan-American Highway in an electric sportscar if you’ve only just joined us) the team would really appreciate flying the first 20 hours in a bit more comfort than we’re used to…how about a cheeky upgrade for the 6 of us?? Given the cost of these upgrades, this would actually qualify as a relatively high value sponsorship which we would be very happy to recognise by placing your logo on the car as well as our website. So, how about it?


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  • Wil H says:

    Saw the car yesterday June 26 and today June 27 at FedEx MEM Hub Memphis,TN. Several guys on my load team and I rushed over to get a glimpse of it after I spotted it while leaving work yesterday. Good Luck at the race! We were all really impressed. P.S. it was still there 1500 6/27/2010 Central Time……

  • Charles H Schulmann says:

    Dear Racing Green Endurance Team ,
    may you all have an amazing adventure .
    May you return safely with perhaps-maybe
    more answers .
    We shall try to follow your progress
    in this historical journey .

    Wishing you all the best from
    Ladysmith ( Kwazulu Natal ) in cold sunny South Africa ,
    Charles and friends

  • GMAX says:

    Andy, just a quickie to let you know the final utilities bill for the flat……

    Only kidding! Sorry I missed you before you left, hectic rush to Gatwick as I slept in! Hope everything works out and you and the RGE team get a lot of coverage, resulting in fame and fortune, so I can leach off of you for eternity. That or at least a working Scalextric model of the car!


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