KPMG Come on Board

At the end of last year the team was invited to present to KPMG’s International Director of Corporate Citizenship, Lord Hastings, at the House of Lords. The team was keen to do a good job and knew we had to get the presentation right. To give ourselves the best chance we held numerous practice sessions with the team providing feedback to one another on their relevant sections until we got it right. Nevertheless when the day came there was a tense mix of excitement and anticipation.

Inside the room we met Lord Hastings and he introduced himself and put us all instantly at ease. We started the presentation at it seemed to grab his attention almost instantly. But fairly quickly it turned into an interactive discussion, with Lord Hastings asking several challenging questions to the team.

And then after 40 minutes or so it was over. He wished us luck, said that he liked the project and would be in touch. It had gone as well as we could have expected and so the team left in buoyant mood, even stopping for a bit of site seeing in the House of Parliament. Then we had to go outside and do a bit of filming with Claudio before heading back to work on the car.

A couple of weeks later Lord Hastings was in touch with a message. It said that they were impressed by the project and KPMG would like to become a gold sponsor of the project. This was fantastic news for the whole team and we are all extremely grateful to KPMG for supporting our project. Along with our exisiting sponsors, their support will help the team make this project as successful as possible!

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