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Getting Road Approval for the SRZero

Today was a big day for the project so far: the Radical SRZero, the car we have worked so hard on in the past 7 months, was due to be assessed for road worthiness. A test called IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) had to be passed. All cars that are not mass produced series type approved ...

Beautiful day, beautiful drive

Everyone doing their bit while the car's on the dyno

For anyone in England on April 8th 2010, you will know of the beautiful weather we had on this day, and how it seemed to categorically signal the end of winter, and the start of those glorious summer days which seem forever just around the corner. So, it was in this extremely buoyant and optimistic mood ...

Sponsored Loadbank

Hillstone Loadbanks kindly agreed to sponsoring RGE with one of their 55kW DC loadbanks.

KPMG Come on Board

RGE Team Presnting to KPMG at the House of LordsRGE Team Presnting to KPMG at the House of Lords

RGE would like to welcome KPMG as our second Gold Sponsor. Read on to discover how the team went to the Houses of Parliament in our quest for sponsorship.

Upgrade to the Radical SR8!

Hi there, Great news...Radical Sportscars have upgraded us from an SR3 to an SR8 rolling chassis and bodywork! And if you hadn't heard already, the SR8 is the fastest track car in the world! (see This is quite amazing for us as it is a stronger chassis with more space in the rear for ...