Prepping the car for Autosport

With only 3 weeks to go now until Autosport International (the largest motorsport exhibition in the world), the team has been busy preparing the car for exhibition. We will be displaying our car on the Radical stand alongside some of there very impressive vehicles including the SR8 which recently smashed the Nurburgring Nordschleife (see here for more on this.) Naturally, we want the car looking its best for the show, which is why we have taken the car back up to Radical’s factory so that components can be quickly and professionally made.

Below are a couple of pictures (with more to come shortly) showing one motor mounted with the appropriate spacers, and part of the radiator mount. The batteries that can be seen in the car are there for a packaging exercise, and are not wired up in these pictures. It has to be said, those motors won’t be going anywhere! Nik and Toby did a fantastic job on the motor mounts and they are extremely solid with no wobble or play.

Over the next week, the team will be off for the festive season, but come January 1st 2010 (with probably a later start to the day than normal ;-) ) we’ll be back on the car, PR and logistics with more energy than ever before!

Happy holidays from the RGE team!

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