Bringing the blog back up to date!

Sooo, after a long blog-silence, I have a long entry here to bring you all up to speed! We last left off with the move into the garage and the grab of a van-full of Imperial furniture! Wow, so much has happened since then…

Firstly, last week. It was organised mayhem in the best possible sense! We started out on a cold and early Monday morning in the workshop, and in the enjoyable company of the Discovery Channel Canada. They were there to interview us, talk about the car, film the car, and generally get a sense of what it’s like to do this project and why we do it. After that, it was back to design work and problem solving.

Tuesday was our quiet day, although we went up to Radical and picked up a whole bunch of components they had made for us. In addition, the team also attended a lecture by Steve Holliday, CEO of the National Grid…it was very interesting and we met him afterwards. We had a chat about potential sponsorship…we’ll see what comes…

Wednesday saw part of the team meeting with the Panamanian Ambassador. He turned out to be a really nice guy, and gave us a whole load of really useful information about his country, what we need to do to get filming permission etc.

Thursday saw the team present the project to Lord Hasting at the Houses of was amazing! The team delivered a really good presentation, and Lord Hastings seemed to take a big interest in the project.

And finishing the week on Friday, the team gave a technical presentation to a panel of 8 engineers from Imperial College. To add further spice to an already charged up atmosphere, we had the Discovery Channel AND Claudio von Planta filming the presentation and doing interviews at the same time. The panel of engineers made a number of useful comments about our designs and we have incorporated some of their ideas into some recent modifications.

This week saw all our tools arriving and a lot of work on the car including putting in one of the rear motors, CVJs and rear batteries. I have to say that it all looks fantastic! And this brings us up to today where we brought the car back up the its birthplace at Radical Sportscars in Peterborough. We then spend the whole day doing modifications and cosmetic stuff to make the car look like a car for the Autosport exhibition in January!

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