Amazing RGE Day

Hi, I’m Clemens and I’m the Chief Operating Manager for RGE, which means I manage all the logistics for the team. I would like to tell you about RGE’s very exciting day yesterday…

Firstly, all our batteries have arrived safe and sound all the way from Thunder Sky in Shenzhen, China. Despite the fact that we knew what we were expecting, the look of nine boxes full of batteries made us very very happy! This means our project has progressed to the stage where we can actually play around with some batteries, test them, and really see what they can do! If you look at the pictures, you’ll find that they very much resemble good old LEGO bricks, but needless to say, they are way more advanced!

Secondly, we went up to Radical Sportscars to ensure that the batteries actually fit into the mounts that we had designed. And indeed, they fit very nicely! 

Thirdly, the chassis is has now been completed and will undergo powdercoating today. It just looks stunning, and at the same time it is very strong. I just had to check this by the brutal method. As you can see from the picture, I jumped up and down on it!

In all, an amazing day for Racing Green Endurance!

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