I’m please to announce that our chassis is well and truly under way and no longer just a CAD model! Last week Radical Sportscars started work on welding the modified SR8 chassis and have made great progress with all work ahead of schedule! Today Nik and myself took the chance to see the work in progress at Radical Sportscars in Peterborough and were as ever impressed by the sheer quality of engineering and coolness of the SR8. We really can’t wait to get our hands on putting our electric drivetrain in! Thanks again to Radical and especially to Nick W. for their time and advice on making the chassis modifications…
Pictures of the chassis in progress should be available in our new Facebook group and profile page – which are due to be launched shortly. A link will appear any time soon…

Some very sought after numbers were promised in an earlier post and I can now say we have finalised our estimates for the range of the vehicle. Based on the US EPA highway cycle we predict a range of a massive 243 miles………………yes, thats right – it is further than the Tesla quotes! we are after all taking part in an endurance event so designing the power train was done with only one aim – to maximise our range!!

I’ll be back with more updates soon enough,

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