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After the successful M25 trip the RGE team decided it was time to try something a little more… international. That is why this weekend, we are going to attempt London to Paris on one charge, in another attempt to show the true potential of electric cars!

We will be at the London Eye from 10:00am on Saturday the 12th June, and we will be there for an hour or so before heading off. It would be fantastic if anyone reading this wants to come and see us off at the London Eye, or even join us for some of the way!

More details to follow…  Watch this space!

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12 Responses to “Click here for Paris Trip Details”

  • David says:

    Guys, if I wasn’t already in France at Le Mans on Saturday, I’d pop down to see you off.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  • David says:

    Thinking about it, when are you driving back? And which route?

  • Stephen says:

    Sounds great. Perhaps one of the marketing guys can persuade a company to donate some helmets for this trip. Would hate to see you guys freezing your noses off in balaclavas again!

  • admin says:

    we’re driving back on Sunday leaving Paris around midday… Taking same route back (ferry)… Does this mean we are gonna hit a lot of Le Mans traffic going back?

  • admin says:

    Yeah, we got our helmets from Arai on Tuesday ;) So no more lab goggles….hehe…

  • Speedster-91 says:


    Excuse my bad english….
    I am near Paris. Can you tell us what il your destination in Paris, because we want to see you.
    You are fantastics…
    We are with you.
    Thank’s for your action for the electric vehicules…
    See you soon.

  • Charles H Schulmann says:

    Vive la course , vive votre courage , vive votre énergie , votre enthousiasme , votre innovations et votre persistance .

  • Potin says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir nous sommes rencontrés samedi 12 juin 2010 sur une aire de repos sur l’autoroute A1 je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et que votre projet aboutisse a bon terme bon courage a bientot peut etre sur les routes

  • David says:

    Missed your earlier reply as I was down there.

    Did you guys make it back ok? Hope you did see some Le Mans traffic – would have been fantastic to see the car mixing it with the other sports cars.

  • David says:

    ^Ah, now seen the following post.

  • Celine says:

    Hi Benoit / speedster-91
    desolee de n’avoir vu ton message que trop tard!
    Nous aurions beaucoup aime rencontrer des fans de voitures electriques.
    Merci beaucoup pour les encouragements et peut etre a une prochaine!

    Et merci a Charles, vive les voitures electriques!

    Bonjour Potin,
    nous nous souvenons de la rencontre, c’est gentil d’etre passe sur notre site.
    Merci du soutien et revenez suivre nos aventures – le depart pour l’Alaska est dans 2 semaines.

  • I am from Ethiopia, Wolaita Soddo 400 km far from the capital city Addis Ababa.I wonder for what the team did for winning new Invention of electric car. It is amazing and the trip from Alaskca to South America is also fantastic Expedition.
    Thank’s for your electric car invention.

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