Driving the car on the road!

Dear All,

I have to apologise for the general lack of blog posting with regard to the car, but we do have a good excuse!  The car drives so nicely that all we’ve been doing over the last week or so is just driving it here, there and everywhere!  It’s quite an exhilarating experience cruising along so low to the ground and seeing the incredulous look in peoples’ faces as we effortlessly overtake them on the motorway…

In just a week we’ve driven over 660 miles without a single mechanical problem.  This is quite incredible when you remember that the car was designed and built in a little over 8 months!  Despite the long days and nights experienced so far though, the team is still 100% focussed and is really looking forward to the challenges ahead!

Anyway, I promise plenty more blog posts to come as the project really ramps up to the July start date!



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  • robin yates says:

    I am very impressed indeed, the car looks good. The Nurumbergring is waiting for you !

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