SRZero Gets Some New Wheels!

Another few days have passed and yet more has happened in the world of Racing Green Endurance! On Wednesday 22nd we took the car back up to Peterborough to put the final touches to the car and to put the car through some testing on Radical’s dynamometer.

So, over the last few days we have modified the suspension by changing the springs, pushrods, length of dampers, and overall ride height; something which was desperately needed! However, we were still riding on some pretty massive tyres as can be seen in previous photos. But then something very cool happened…8 custom rims, courtesy of a sponsorship from Image Wheels, arrived! With the help of some Radical technicians, we fitted our Continental-sponsored tyres to them (can you believe that a bunch of engineers don’t know how to fit a tyre on a rim! We do now though!) and whipped them on the car. With the new ride height it looked a little retro, but the colours match the car really well, and we’re very happy with them! They’re light too…

Next up included work on the rear battery pack, which was completely disassembled and rewired into our new foam, and also the mounting of various battery-related components (mainly BMS slave boxes) around the car was completed.

Then came the dyno testing where we put the car through it’s paces. A dynamometer, for all you non-geeks, is basically a treadmill for a car…it allows it to spin the wheels without going anywhere. In addition, the stiffness of the roller can be altered to simulate different loads on the car. This enabled us to test the efficiency of the powertrain, which was higher than initially estimated, and well over 90% for much of the cycle. For the first time, we tried out some brand new software from Rinehart Motion Systems which allowed the motor controllers to slip into the field weakening region and reach a speed in excess of 100mph…a big relief for the team! Besides a few very minor issues, everything went exceptionally well!

Oh, and we did some more driving too ;-) Check out some of the pictures below! Videos of the car running and on the dyno will come soon!

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